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Toledo Sanchez Football Field- Punta Gorda Town

The Toledo Union Field, renamed now as the Victor Sanchez Football field, is fully rehabilitated to include a three-floor concrete building that entails the main entrance hall, ticket booths, public restrooms, concessions stalls, VIP and Media Facilities. The concrete bleachers along the western side of the field, in front of the main building now accommodate up to +1000 persons.  A one-story concrete structure was built opposite of the main building to serve as a Players Locker Room for two - 16 player teams as well as Media viewing. The southern fence wall has been newly constructed to allow for ample bus parking on large game days. The additional fencing has been refurbished as needed along with a full re-grade of the football pitch to now allow the once crowned eastern edge to become playable. A lateral parking area was established along the access road to the TCC to provide parking space for visitors. The original building has now been fully refurbished to allow for offices as well as additional concession space to the facility.


Toledo Union Field Football Stadium was inaugurated in December 2016 followed by a friendly tournament held by the Punta Gorda Town Council.


Status: Competed


Toledo Union Field Football Stadium


Punta Gorda Town



Design, Feasibility and Architectural Services: Architecture & Project Manangement

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Contract Cost: BZ$ 90,875.00


Construction Services:

Coleman Construction Ltd.

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Contract Cost: BZ$1,400,000.00


Sporting Equipment & Auxiliary Services: BZ$10,200.00