Punta Gorda Sports Complex- Punta Gorda town

With a similar design to the Dangriga multipurpose complex, the project has now been completed to boast a full-size professional facility with bleacher seating +1000 and a FIBA certified center wood court by CONNER SPORTS. The facility is complete with GARED basketball and volleyball professional grade equipment. Fully equipped locker rooms, restrooms, and referee areas complete the sporting venue. Also serving as a cultural/entertainment venue, the facility has a center stage with the back of house changing rooms and dedicated bathrooms. Offices, ticket booths, concession stalls, public restrooms and a gym area only enhance the large facility offerings. Significant landfill has been provided to allow access to a front plaza and western edge parking along with essential drainage works.


Status: Completed


Punta Gorda Sports Complex



PuntaGorda Town



Design, Feasibility, Architectural and Project Management Services:

Mahung & Partners Ltd.

·press release

Contract Cost: BZ$ 114,000.00

Construction Services:

International Environments Ltd.

 ·press release

Contract Cost: BZ$ 3,190,063.47



Sporting Equipment & Civil Works (NIC)*:

BZ $436,321.62

Canchas Deportivas de Centro America:

GARED sporting equipment VB package, additional scoreboard, fans and court covers. Cut, fill, grade and compact front entry plaza and extensive filling of eastern side of building site including cutting of drains. Provide concrete sidewalks, site lighting and western drain.